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Mood Media is the world’s leading in-store media solutions company dedicated to elevating the Customer Experience. They create greater emotional connections between brands and consumers through the right combination of sight, sound, scent, social mobile, and systems solutions. Mood Media reaches more than 150 million consumers each day through more than 500,000 subscriber locations in 100+ countries around the globe.

The Opportunity

Simon Bexon, Senior VP of Global Systems, Visuals, Affiliate Sales & US Local Sales has used Thomas tools throughout his career, and he is fully aware of the valuable insights they can bring. He oversees a team of 150 business development professionals and managers within Mood Media. Simon was certified in the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) assessment by Dr Thomas Hendrickson in 1993. The PPA’s foundation is the DISC model of behavior, and the PPA is a workplace behavioral assessment.

At Mood Media, Simon knew the PPA would help improve employee turnover, remove barriers when giving feedback to employees; and enhance communication between colleagues and teams.

The PPA has become a part of Simon’s ‘leadership DNA’ at Mood Media and an effective and enjoyable way of communication within his department.

The Solution

During the needs-analysis and review process, Thomas and Simon and his team bring the power of the PPA to several talent initiatives within Mood Media. The applications include training and development, performance management; and coaching.

The sales team all go through sales effectiveness training which is based on the PPA and the model of DISC. The training helps the sales team understand how they show up for work. It helps them understand their behavior and it illuminates concrete ways for them to modify their behavior to create better connections with each prospect and client.

Simon says that by creating an environment where one common language is used “[The PPA] allows you to have more direct, impactful conversations”.   

Along with sales training, the PPA is used for individual performance reviews which happen every six months at Mood Media. The PPA allows Simon and his managers to focus in on areas that need development. They use DISC language to craft tailored messages when giving feedback to sales managers and reps.

When it comes to communication and having difficult conversations, Simon’s team uses the PPA Strengths and Limitations report. This helps the team to understand and complement one another and to appreciate different does not mean difficult. This way, Mood Media can get to the heart of any issue faster and address it in a non-destructive way.

The Results

In Simon’s first year in his executive role, employee turnover was extremely high. He says: “During my tenure in my role, employee turnover has improved. There are many contributing factors to this, and our use of Thomas PPA has certainly been a positive contributing factor.”

He uses the PPA to help him adapt to every employee’s preferred work behavior and communication style. “I have learned when to interfere and when not to. The DISC model is a common language to everyone, a coaching tool that we all enjoy while we are using it”.

When an employee hits his or her target, Simon sends a customized note. He also makes shout-out videos to motivate and engage his team. Sending shout-out videos is a terrific way to recognize top performers and it helps to boost morale. He also talks regularly with the team in a direct and meaningful way.

Why Thomas

Simon works with Thomas because it’s a partnership: the Thomas team help Simon create a wealth of training materials, and Thomas is always there for him when he needs it.

He likes the PPA because it creates a common language in coaching, it is easy to use; and it allows people to think of themselves in the workplace.

He also enjoys using his Thomas HUB account “it is user friendly and does not require assistance with navigation”.

Simon Says

… if you apply discipline in using the PPA in your business, you get to the heart of your people issues a lot faster

…It’s not treat others how you want to be treated; it’s how they want to be treated. Adapt your behaviors to each employee and client to enhance your interactions and success

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