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Thomas Skills are a range of tests and training modules specifically designed to measure skill levels, helping you to be sure you’re selecting the right interviewee, recruiting the right person and developing your people and organisation in the right areas.

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Skill set
Type: Aptitude and ability assessment
Time: 20 minutes

Skills is a range of tests and training models designed to measure skill level, helping you to optimise and develop on the skills of your people. You will begin to understand where gaps in skills may lie and know how to upskill appropriately.


Test author: ISV Group

Year of construction: 1992


Background and theory:

Skills Online was first developed in 1992 by the ISV group. It is a series of over 100 tests designed to measure hard competencies and skills. It also includes a number of training modules. Thomas first integrated Skills Online into its product suite in 2007, and our clients use it for pre-employment screening, reviewing the skill levels of existing employees and training evaluation.

Skills Online was developed to help employers assess the skill-level of candidates and employees in order to gauge how much training was required.

The lack of basic skills required for employment is costing businesses millions of pounds, and a survey carried out by the CBI in the UK in 2008 showed many of the 735 organisations surveyed had serious concerns about the basic literacy skills of UK employees, with some staff unable to write in sentences, spell correctly or use accurate grammar. Furthermore, UK businesses invested £33bn on staff training in 2006 (CBI).

Therefore assessing skills pre-employment allows employers to hire candidates who already have the skills required for the job. In addition it enables businesses to assess the skill levels of their staff and provides a training programme to develop those skills.