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Personal Assessment Centre (PAC) provides a comprehensive insight into the way a person behaves, their key strengths and limitations, their emotional intelligence and their mental agility.

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Talent pool
Type: Facilitated assessment centre
Time: Dependent on needs

A PAC gives an independent and objective view of a person's ability to fulfil the requirements of a role, whether as an athlete, coach or industry professional. PAC gives you the expert second opinion you need to take your sporting organisation to the next level.


Use PAC to:

  • Gain in-depth insight into the way an athlete, coach or industry professional works
  • Cost-effectively assess candidates with no bias
  • Recruit against a short-list or when considering candidates who have previously operated at a lower level
  • Build and develop new teams
  • Assess a low-performing athlete, coach or industry professional
  • Enhance development programmes

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A Personal Assessment Centre (PAC) is an expert facilitator-led exercise, providing you with an in-depth, 1-2-1 review of your people and talent potential within a group or team. The PAC can include a wide range of psychometric assessment and survey data from your people. If you're interested in learning more about the assessments and surveys that can contribute to a benchmark, please see the science behind our assessments here.