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Over the next three months, we’ll be sharing insights on three key business topics: leadership, well-being and sales performance, designed to get you set for high performance in 2017. First up for the month of October is leadership, starting with our ‘High potential to high performance’ whitepaper.

There is a well-known phrase: ‘people leave managers, not companies’. Ensuring your organisation is made up of leaders with the right characteristics, level of self-awareness, potential and ability is fundamental in fostering an environment of high engagement and high performance, both of which are key drivers of business success.

Leadership goes beyond the successful delivery of projects or achievement of strategic targets; it’s about engaging your people on the journey towards realising a vision.

Our whitepaper, co-authored by Jayson Darby, Psychology Manager at Thomas International, and Lillian Hosea, Director at People Academy, aims to reflect on the relationship between leadership and engagement, covering the following themes:

  • The role of leaders in driving engagement and performance through team values

  • Psychological methods of defining talent and measuring potential

  • The impact of employee engagement upon performance

Download the whitepaper today for exclusive access to the results of a survey of 200 HR and business professionals on their views on leadership, engagement and talent, and a host of recommended actions from industry experts that you can implement in your own organisations.

Download the whitepaper

Amir Qureshi

Amir Qureshi

As COO at Thomas since 2014, Amir is passionate about working with leaders, entrepreneurs and people managers, helping them to make the best of their talent. Prior to this, Amir's career included progression to senior executive level with FMCG at The Coca-Cola Company. His foundations are in his family and he invests his time in supporting them in their hobbies and interests.