Uncertain future? Not with Thomas.

The 4 steps to a successful talent management...What is potential and how can you spot it?

Many businesses are feeling concerned about the implications of Britain’s exit from the EU, and the weeks and months ahead will be turbulent for many different reasons. Whilst there is no doubt that this outcome is one of the most significant moments in British history, it is now time to unite around the decision and focus on what is important now more than ever; your people.

Here's why our clients are using Thomas today, for the future.

As leaders, we still have to operate, grow, and get the best out of our people so that we can continue to thrive, but how do we do that? How do we continue to get high levels of performance and engagement when people are in fear of job losses, less disposable income, higher costs, and even changes in employment law? How do we continue to inspire and motivate our teams, colleagues and peers in this turbulent environment that we are now living in? 

Thomas can help you to remove the uncertainty.

In times of uncertainty, great companies realise that effective leadership is required at every level of management. Business challenges remain the same, and the key success differentiator is your staff. Their ability to respond to changing conditions, their engagement with your business – the desire to deliver outstanding performance, and the self-awareness to realise that some behaviours need to be modified and others accentuated to deliver success, are all critical identifiers of high potential future leaders within your business. 

On Friday 24th June, when the referendum results were known, one of our clients, a luxury car manufacturer, took the decision to roll out a significant leadership development programme with us stating:

In the current climate, we cannot afford not to do this – it is too important, it is essential.

Thomas has the tools.  

Employees aren’t expecting a crystal ball, but they will want a show of strong leadership to feel secure throughout the months ahead. Identifying, developing and leveraging the potential high-fliers already in your business is going to become crucial as the war on talent intensifies.  Whilst new market conditions now start to emerge, you need to ensure that you identify the employees who are able to take responsibility for their teams, departments and divisions and help them fulfil their potential; and in so doing, help you deliver long-term sustainable success to your business.

Thomas has recently launched the High Potential Trait Indicator [HPTI] to enable companies to accurately measure and determine high potential.  Developed by the world renowned Organisational & Applied Psychologist, Management Expert, author and educator Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London, it takes just ten minutes to identify a person’s attitude towards six traits: conscientiousness, adjustment, curiosity, risk approach, ambiguity acceptance and competitiveness.  The assessment generates a report that identifies the optimal levels of certain behaviours for effective leadership, how the person measures against these and how they can develop these skills to reach their full potential.
To successfully manage change and uncertainty, what businesses should now be focused upon is how to develop their people, identify leadership and support and engage employees to be part of the solution in what could be a turbulent time. Thomas has an incredible bank of tools to support you. 

How we can help you. 

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