Aly Bowman

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As Chief Product Officer, Aly Bowman is responsible for drawing together the Product, Research and Development, Marketing, Training and Psychology teams and accelerating their growth on a global scale.

Aly's focus is to nurture talent, 'raise the bar' and ensure excellence in performance; when coupled with her belief in Thomas' quality products and solutions, she ensures a laser-like focus upon the delivery of outstanding service to all Thomas customers.

With over 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical and Publishing industries, Aly has led teams across Europe, North America and the APAC region, delivering powerful content-based, consumer focused solutions.

Aly is hugely passionate about developing teams and individuals to reach their full potential and has a keen interest in supporting women in their career development, combatting unconscious bias in the workplace and encouraging inclusion for all employees. She joined Thomas (in 2017) to combine this personal people development passion with Thomas assessments and solutions thereby supporting our customers to help them meet their goals.

Aly is described as active, decisive, a risk taker and unable to turn down a challenge and she is a person who gets things done fast, but always with a soft spot for those in need.

Home for Aly is in a small town in Oxfordshire, residing with her husband where they collect unwanted animals like dogs, cats, ponies and even goats!