Our range of team focused blended learning modules and programmes have been developed to tackle key challenges affecting teams, with the aim of enhancing team working skills and ultimately improving performance.

Developing a High Performing Team

Our Developing a High Performing Team workshop is designed to help new or existing teams to understand what makes a high performing team and the strengths and challenges within their current team environment. Delegates will get to know each other’s behavioural and emotional preferences and how to build more effective working relationships. The team will develop a team behavioural charter which will help guide team behaviour and enhance performance.

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Conflict Management: Tackling Tough Conversations

Our Conflict Management workshop will define what conflict is and the negative effect unresolved conflict can have on teams. During the workshop, delegates will uncover their preferred communication style and learn how to recognise that of others, recognise their personal conflict triggers, the role of emotions in conflict and how they can successfully manage conflict.

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Sharpening Communication Skills

Our Sharpening Communication Skills workshop uncovers how behavioural and cognitive traits can influence communication styles. Using our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) as a base, delegates will gain an understanding of their preferred communication style and how this impacts on others. Delegates will take away strategies for effective communication and a personal action plan to help improve communication skills.

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Other workshops we offer

Our Learning and Development Specialists can also offer support on the following topics:

  • Strategy and deliverables
  • Teams report
  • Product training refreshers
  • Facilitated Diagnostic workshops for management teams



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