Celebrating 20 years working with Waco International

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Waco International is a focused equipment rental and industrial services business with operations in Africa, Australasia, the United Kingdom and Chile. They have used Thomas assessments for over 20 years, with our behavioural assessment at the heart of their recruitment process.

Sherli Tarry-Smith, Group HR Executive for Waco/Premier Modular, has worked for the organisation for over 20 years, first in South Africa and then in the UK for the past 16 years, and has used Thomas assessments throughout this period. As she prepares to retire from the business, we’d like to take the opportunity to share our gratitude to Sherli for her dedicated support of Thomas.

Over the past 20 years, Waco have embedded Thomas into their recruitment and development processes in both the UK and South Africa. With PPA initially used in the recruitment process, it also allows the business to have safe conversations with employees about changes in performance. The tool forms the basis of discussions to help get people back on track and is used as part of the ongoing management and employee process. Currently, Waco are exploring how our emotional intelligence assessment (TEIQue) can be used to develop management capabilities.

In a setting as diverse as South Africa, Thomas is a dream product. This is because it works and it works the same across every African language we needed - we knew the results would be consistent and accurate irrespective of the nuances of language.

Sherli Tarry-Smith, Group HR Executive - Waco International

Ciaran Morton, Managing Director of Thomas International UK and Thomas Consultant Joshua Papa recently met with Sherli and Eugenio De Sa, Managing Director of Waco to celebrate the 20-year relationship of Thomas International and Waco. During the course of the visit, Ciaran and Josh donned their high visibility jackets and were taken on a fascinating site visit. The wide range of structures on display included offices and accommodation for the EDF construction of a new nuclear power plant, modular bolt-on Burger King restaurants and the latest in modular housing – all of which were impressively hi-spec. The day ended with a celebratory lunch and the promise of another visit in the very near future to continue the work delivered by Sherli over the past twenty years.

It was fantastic to meet with Sherli and Eugenio to celebrate the strong relationship our two businesses have developed over the past 20 years, not just in the UK, but further afield in South Africa too. We wish Sherli all the best as she returns to South Africa and are looking forward to continuing her legacy and working with Waco to further embed Thomas assessments to maximise performance.

Ciaran Morton, Managing Director - Thomas International UK