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ThomasTalks podcast: Confronting the succession challenge, with Professor Adrian Furnham and Ciaran

What is succession planning? Why is it important? Why should it be your priority? Can potential be tested? Does culture play a role in the process of selection?

WEBINAR REPLAY: Is succession planning just about what happens when someone leaves?

In this webinar, you’ll get all the answers you need when it comes to succession planning.

Checklist: 12 top tips for better succession planning

Better succession planning means happy companies.

Succession planning: How to do it right

Employees leaving your business can have a significant impact, both in terms of cost to the business and the psychological impact on employees, the latter of which is lik...

[Whitepaper] Unlocking the power of diversity in your business

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the corporate world in 2018, from the reality of the gender pay gap becoming further exposed to increasing anti-diversity scanda...

Taking the pulse of diversity around the world

What is diversity? Ask a number of people this question, and you’ll get a number of different answers back.