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Founded in Leeds in 1979, CDUK has been the sole distributor of solid surface material DuPont™ Corian® to a network of trained fabricators across the UK. For more than 20 years, CDUK has used Thomas tools as part of their commitment to recruiting the right people and developing them in their careers.

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The challenge

Early in the process of establishing the business, founder and chairman Geoff Baker was looking for ways of building strong foundations for the business. Approached by Thomas, he was impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of behavioural profiling through the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), to enable people to be self-aware and aware of others, and soon started implementing it in CDUK’s recruitment processes.

We understand our people better. We can coach, lead and bring teams together more effectively. - Gary Baker, Managing Director of CDUK

Handed down to Geoff’s son, Gary Baker, the next steps for the business was to look at the full suite of Thomas’s assessments and see which could enhance their people’s effectiveness further.

The solution

CDUK now use Thomas’s Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue), which assesses how well people understand and manage their emotions and General Intelligence Assessment (GIA), which measures cognitive ability throughout the full employee lifecycle. Once CDUK’s people are recruited, the results of the psychometric assessments are used to integrate them into their new teams.

Gary states, “It seemed an obvious thing to use a full range of the tools to really allow us to get a rounded picture of the individual that we might be bringing into the organisation.”

Carrie Tipple, Customer Services Manager at CDUK, experienced using the tools as part of her recruitment process when applying to the company. Having taken PPA, Carrie explains: “I was really fascinated that my future line manager had a thorough insight into the way I function in a working environment before we’d even worked together.”

I was really surprised at the in-depth information that PPA provided about me. - Carrie Tipple, Customer Services Manager at CDUK

When onboarded and settled into the business, Thomas’s assessments are then used going forward as part of their annual appraisals.

The results

CDUK remarked that Thomas have been and still are very easy to work with. Martyn Potter, CDUK’s HR Consultant, said: “The platform to access the tools works really well, and it’s very easy to produce the reports.”

CDUK employees who have used Thomas’s assessments have observed that it has given them the ability to see their strengths and look at ways in which they can improve going forward. Managers have been able to look at the results of their team’s profiles and modify their behaviours accordingly to support their teams from thereon in. All in all, it allows CDUK to approach their people in the right way.

If you’re committed to getting the most out of your business and serious about your people, you need to understand the people that work for you. The best way of doing that is through using profiling tools that a company like Thomas provides. – Gary Baker, Managing Director at CDUK

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