WEBINAR REPLAY: Is succession planning just about what happens when someone leaves?

Checklist: 12 top tips for better succession...Succession planning: How to do it right

In this webinar, you’ll get all the answers you need when it comes to succession planning.

•    Is succession planning just about replacing your most senior members of the business?
•    Is there any psychology around succession planning?
•    What are Thomas’s best practices?
•    How can Thomas support you with your practices?

In this interactive webinar, you will hear from Alex Bradshaw, Client Development Manager, Joel Ockwell, Psychology Solutions Consultant, and Dr Jennifer Surtees, People Teams and Culture Talent Manager, from Thomas International.

This in-depth explanation and demonstration of succession planning in practice is suitable for managers, HR professionals and succession/talent specialists.

Please use the link below to access the succession planning webinar:

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Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle, better known as Gabby, joined the Thomas family in April 2017 as the Content Executive. Outside of work, Gabby is involved in Buddhist and interfaith activities with the aim of helping make the world a more peaceful place.