March 2017

Apprenticeships – the key to attracting and retaining young talent in the manufacturing industry?

With the manufacturing industry dominated by baby boomers coming up to retirement, it’s vital that manufacturers attract and retain young talent in order to sustain a thriv...

Your guide to best practice recruitment

With the cost of ‘mis-hire’ for a business totalling between 4 and 15 times the annual salary for the role (People Management, 2016), HR professionals are under increasing...

What do millennials really want at work?

Attracting and retaining millennials in industries dominated by baby boomers, such as manufacturing, is proving a big challenge for many organisations. So what is a millenn...

An apprentice’s journey & beyond

As part of National Apprenticeships Week, we hear the journey of Thomas employee Rebecca Maxted, whose career was kick-started with an apprenticeship.

[Digital Guide] Apprenticeships

At Thomas, we know first-hand the power that apprenticeship programmes have on an organisation’s talent strategy.

Adding certainty to your people decisions with benchmarking

What is it that makes your star performers so effective in their roles? This is the million dollar question and knowing the answer enables you to find more top talent, eith...