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The Thomas change process model[Digital Guide] Big data, big opportunities

The concept of big data is immense, so what does it mean in the context of HR and making people-related decisions?

It is true that all the data in the world is only as good as the way it is used. This is the key message in our latest whitepaper; what people data do you have access to, and how can you use this to make more informed decisions? If organisation leaders have access to more advanced and comprehensive information than their competitors, they will be able to make the right decisions to get ahead of the curve.

Our 'Big Data, Big Opportunities' whitepaper aims to answer the three most critical questions to help get you started on your people data journey. The reality is that for many people the concept of big data is foreign and as with anything that is new or different, many organisations shy away from it. This discomfort with embracing the new in the age of big data increasingly presents organisations with the challenge of more carefully managing the change they are leading their people through; old habits die hard and existing processes and practices can be difficult to change. Therefore, assistance may be required to smooth the transition into the new way of working, to 'operationalise' big data and people analytics.

  1. The challenge – Which data should I use and why?
  2. How and where do I apply it?
  3. How do I use the insights gained to transform my operations and make more informed decisions?

Our whitepaper explores the endless opportunities big data provides, including supporting high-quality recruitment, improved employee development and retention, and first-class leadership development in order to steer your company towards its goals.

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Reuben Conibear

Reuben Conibear

Reuben has worked in the Marketing team at Thomas for over 4 years and as Senior Marketing Executive, Reuben's core focus is to ensure a high quality experience for Thomas customers at all times. In his spare time, Reuben enjoys kayaking, bouldering and spending time with his friends and family.