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[Slideshow] If qualifications no longer determine success, what does?

It used to be seen that those with higher-education qualifications will do better in life than those without. But is this still the case? Or are organisations...

[Whitepaper] From High Potential to High Performance

There is a well-known phrase: ‘people leave managers, not companies’. Ensuring your organisation is made up of leaders with the right characteristics, level of self-awarene...

The characteristics of a good manager

We’ve all heard the phrase 'people leave managers, not companies', but this can easily be avoided. So how do you, as a manager, ensure you are constantly building strong an...

The secret of employee reward strategies

“Money can't buy happiness” – a much debated quote that we hear often. When it comes to employee engagement, this phrase often rings true for many employees.

Putting employee engagement at the heart of everything you do

The war for talent is hotter than ever and organisations need to strengthen workplace environments and increase engagement levels to hold onto it.

[Whitepaper] Employee Engagement

The topic of employee engagement is not a new one, we all know it’s important, but how do you know if your employees are engaged?

[Digital Guide] Big data, big opportunities

Big data and people analytics really isn’t as scary as it sounds. It can have an extremely positive and beneficial effect on any company if implemented in the right way.

[Whitepaper] Big data, big opportunities

The concept of big data is immense, so what does it mean in the context of HR and making people-related decisions?

The Thomas change process model

Change is good, so we are told, but it isn’t easy or straightforward for the people going through it or for those managing people going through the process.

The process of change: managing transitions

We all go through transitions in our everyday lives, some easier than others. Sarah Lowes, one of our training experts, shares our checklist for managing transitions.