[Whitepaper] Change Management - getting rid of the fear factor

[Whitepaper] What's so scary about conflict a...Anchoring change in corporate culture

The process of building a vision and seeing it through to successful implementation is known as ‘organisational change, and more specifically as ‘change management’.

Change management is not only a hot topic, but a controversial one too. This is true not only for commentators, theorists and academics, but also for businesses, organisations, managers, human resources, organisational development, and of course, the lynchpin – the employee.

The requirement for change in business is constant and can range from a slight change in a process to large-scale
construction projects or changes to business models and product designs. It has been widely discussed how many change management projects fail and what the barriers and factors causing these project failures are. In order to create value for customers, organisations need the vision to adapt to an everchanging environment.

Such change requires a complex process of analysing and interpreting uncertainties and the development of strategies that support sustainable growth. Organisational change is significantly related to organisational outcomes.

Our latest whitepaper focus concentrates on what makes change strategies work and considers applied models of change from both academic study and commercial literature. We explore the drivers of change and the challenges and opportunities that exist within change strategies.

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Reuben Conibear

Reuben Conibear

Reuben has worked in the Marketing team at Thomas for over 4 years and as Senior Marketing Executive, Reuben's core focus is to ensure a high quality experience for Thomas customers at all times. In his spare time, Reuben enjoys kayaking, bouldering and spending time with his friends and family.