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Top 5 tips to improve employee retention

Recruiting top talent is a priority for any hiring manager but keeping hold of these employees is what will set you apart from other businesses.

Why your HR tech should be integrated

With an ever-expanding portfolio of technology available on the market, it has never been a better time for HR teams to make improvements to their processes and the candida...

Internal vs External in Succession Planning

This month we’re tackling the subject matter of succession planning, where we’ll be looking at what succession planning is, how to make a great succession plan, what happen...

How much is employee turnover and recruitment really costing you?

Learn how to measure and save on these costs with our Recruitment & Retention Savings Calculator

New Personal Profile Analysis reports available

Thomas’ behavioural assessment Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) has been providing leading insights into workplace behaviours since 1981, helping thousands of organisations...

ThomasTalks podcast: Confronting the succession challenge, with Professor Adrian Furnham and Ciaran Morton

What is succession planning? Why is it important? Why should it be your priority? Can potential be tested? Does culture play a role in the process of selection?

[Whitepaper] Best practices for finding a successor: What's your game plan?

Successful organisations make employee and leadership succession planning of critical focus in their business strategy. If you’re already involved in succession planning, o...

Quiz: So, can you handle the change?

In July this year, we launched our ‘Can you handle the change?’ quiz – exciting! Whether you’re a HR professional or operations manager, change is something we all have...