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[Slideshow] If qualifications no longer determine success, what does?

It used to be seen that those with higher-education qualifications will do better in life than those without. But is this still the case? Or are organisations...

Identifying high potential and adapting to a changing world of work

The question of work is always the question of potential. Who has the capability to do well today and, even more importantly, who has the potential to perform even better t...

ThomasTalks podcast: "What’s stalling progress for women at work?"

Gender bias is the zeitgeist of the time we live – yet the stark reality remains that it’s still very much an issue in the corporate world.

[Video case study] Assessing adverse impact in recruiting talent at Harvey Nash

Harvey Nash are a global recruitment company that values the importance of diversity. In 2016, they partnered with Thomas International to evaluate whether there was any ev...

Taking the pulse of diversity around the world

What is diversity? Ask a number of people this question, and you’ll get a number of different answers back.

[Whitepaper] Unlocking the power of diversity in your business

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the corporate world in 2018, from the reality of the gender pay gap becoming further exposed to increasing anti-diversity scandals...

Succession planning: How to do it right

Employees leaving your business can have a significant impact, both in terms of cost to the business and the psychological impact on employees, the latter of which is likel...

WEBINAR REPLAY: Is succession planning just about what happens when someone leaves?

In this webinar, you’ll get all the answers you need when it comes to succession planning.

Why your HR tech should be integrated

With an ever-expanding portfolio of technology available on the market, it has never been a better time for HR teams to make improvements to their processes and the candida...