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7 steps to hiring the best salespeople

To reach your sales revenue goals, you need to recruit and retain high performing salespeople who can thrive in today’s demanding and complex sales environment....

Self-development: The steps towards stronger leadership

Successful leaders know that there is always room for improvement and make time for their self-development and learning no matter how far along in their career they are. We...

[Whitepaper] Wellbeing at Work

We all know that staff experience matters, with research linking it to a number of business priorities from retention to company success.

What does high potential mean for the 'average' employee?

When some people think of high potential, they think of high flyers, great leaders and fantastic success stories. High potential is sometimes seen as the preserve of only a...

GDPR and psychometric assessments, by Thomas International

Thomas International is committed to supporting data protection, and want to reassure you that taking Thomas assessments has no negative data implications and that we are a...

WEBINAR REPLAY: Minimising bias in decision-making

Focusing on three areas (recruitment, promotion and succession, and appraisal and development), this webinar gives you all the answers you need on bias in the workplace:

Identifying high potential and adapting to a changing world of work

The question of work is always the question of potential. Who has the capability to do well today and, even more importantly, who has the potential to perform even better t...

ThomasTalks podcast: "What’s stalling progress for women at work?"

Gender bias is the zeitgeist of the time we live – yet the stark reality remains that it’s still very much an issue in the corporate world.