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N.B: Are you a business customer? For anyone interested in using psychometrics as part of a business solution, we have a suite of assessments available to support with recruitment, development and leadership. For more information click here.



The assessment takes just 8 minutes to complete and you have instant access to your report once completed.


For just £99, you will gain a new level of self-awareness, giving you the competitive edge in the working world.


The assessment is a robust and valid behavioural tool which is registered with the British Psychological Society.


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The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a behavioural profiling tool which gives a truly holistic understanding of oneself in the workplace. The detailed report provides insight into your strengths and potential limitations, preferred communication style, your motivators and how you behave under pressure. It takes just 8 minutes to complete and your personal report is available instantly!


The PPA psychometric assessment is based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston. Download our overview to find out more about the history and science behind DISC theory and the PPA.


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Purchasing and completion of your Personal Profile


▶ Once you have purchased this assessment, you will have instant access to complete the assessment. We recommend you take the assessment on a PC, in a quiet place with no distractions.

▶ You can purchase this assessment and complete it later. Simply log back in to your account to access the assessment.

▶ Once you have completed this assessment, your report will be instantly available to download.

▶ Your report will automatically be generated in English. If you would like it in an alternative language, please get in touch on 01628 475 366.