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Personal Profile Analysis

You will have probably been emailed an invitation to complete this questionnaire.
PPA – often described as a behavioural profile – provides a non-critical behavioural analysis of a person, designed to emphasise his or her strengths in the work place. It is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers and you cannot pass or fail. Your response will highlight specific work strengths and provide meaningful information to help you meet the demands of the work environment.

Example Questions

PPA is designed to identify unique behavioural characteristics. The profile must be completed in isolation and without interruption. You should aim to take no more than 8 minutes to complete it. Be certain that you complete the Personal Profile thinking of yourself in your current job; if you are not working, then think of yourself in your last job. If you have not worked, then think of yourself at home.

You are presented with sets of four words similar to those below. Choose one word or phrase that MOST describes how you actually operate in the work situation and one word or phrase that LEAST describes how you actually operate in the work situation. Your first response is usually the most accurate.
Based on the answers that you select the PPA generates a report.

Used as part of an interview process, the report will suggest what kind of position you would be most happy in for example:

"[John Doe's] job should involve the definition and clarification of information prior to presenting the facts. The environment should be structured and call for adherence to rules, procedures and detail. Logic and accuracy should be major requirements. Travel within the job could be included. At the very least, there should be a variety of tasks which call for a meticulous approach."

Used as part of a development programme, appraisal or personal review, the report will highlight your working strengths, limitations, motivators and fears. It will also outline the extent to which you are adapting your behavioural style in your current job and it will highlight how you tend to behave when you are under pressure.

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