Thomas Talk Global - February 2019

Amir's comment

Dear all,

Welcome to our first truly global newsletter of the year!

There have been plenty of fantastic achievements in 2018 and you will read through some of them in this edition, where we recognise the great performances of our people and countries. I am impressed with the wonderful work each team provides globally to increase our brand awareness, generate new leads and increase sales.

There is still so much that we don’t hear about and I would encourage each team to share with us any successes and communication that you would like the wider business to hear about.

In true Thomas fashion, we have kicked off the new year energetically by planning the year ahead and focusing on embracing our digital future.
The highlight of January was our Global Learning Event which we ran for the third year running and is now part of Thomas’s yearly ritual, where colleagues from all over the world gathered to build even stronger relationships. It was fantastic to see so many of you and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in 2019, heading towards our goal of £100m by 2022.

Thank you all for your contribution in making Thomas such a great place to work and for being part of our journey and vision towards growth and continued success.

Many thanks,

Amir Qureshi

Award success in Malaysia!

Award success in Malaysia!

We were delighted to win the silver award for Best Psychometric Testing Provider at the HR Vendors of the Year 2018 awards in Malaysia. Alia and Hein Jan both looked fantastic for this glamorous evening. Well done to the whole team on this amazing achievement!

Top 5 countries

Congratulations to the following international partners (excluding wholly-owned), who achieved the highest revenue for 2018. Well done!

Maybe you'll feature on this list in our next newsletter - challenge on!

Introducing Pepper

We had the honour of having a special guest at this year’s Global Learning Event.

Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognise faces and basic human emotions. It is optimised for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and its tablet.

We can say that all attendees were impressed with Pepper’s speech, dance moves and ability to guess people’s age (although a few wrong answers left some of us bitter!).


We want to hear from you!

We're always keen to receive interesting content for us to include in our revamped global quarterly newsletter. This can include events you have attended or hosted, successes and achievements for your teams, marketing and sales initatives and anything else you'd like to share.

If you would like to contribute a story for the next edition, please send us your content in its most finished state, with approval from relevant stakeholders. Try to keep it short and explanatory, with a text no longer than 150 words. Please send to [email protected].

Please note that we value all content submitted but might not be able to include all submissions in this issue. However, where possible, we’ll include it in the following one.

Should you have any questions in regards to Thomas Talk, please contact [email protected].

It was fantastic to see over 200 colleagues of the global Thomas team unite under one roof, giving us the valuable opportunity to share strategic updates, collaborate on best practice, celebrate success and have some fun.

Following last year’s conference, which focused on building the foundations to enable accelerated growth, this January 2019 we centred around the next phase – embracing our digital future. After kickstarting the GLE 2019 by introducing our vision, I was pleased to welcome to the stage my now fully-formed leadership team – this was not only to give them the chance to introduce themselves to those who they had yet to meet, but also for them to share what they’ve been working on, and what their key initiatives are to actualise Thomas as a digital disruptor in the psychometric assessment space.

We also welcomed tech evangelist Theo Priestley, two Thomas customers and Thomas advisor Professor Adrian Furnham who all shared invaluable and provocative insights which will be vital as we begin our digital transformation.

Now, more than ever before, I feel energised and confident that together we can do everything we stood up in front of you and said we want to do; we can embrace our digital future, we can drive growth, we can achieve £100m and we can maintain our amazing culture and passion. I am proud to work with you all and know that you will play a vital part in moving Thomas forward.

The Thomas GLEs are getting bigger, better and more important as we grow as a business and I would like to once again thank everyone who was involved in the planning and smooth running of the event. On behalf of the senior leadership team, I would also like to thank each and everyone one of you for getting stuck in and taking part, and for your continuous efforts to support Thomas and our exciting future.

Best wishes,
Amir Qureshi

Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2019

Luke Treglown, Psychology Statistician and Research Analyst, and Carmen Amador Bareiro, Business Psychologist, were proud to share their expertise at the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2019.

Held in Chester from 9-11 January 2019, the DOP conference gathered practitioners, global academics and keynote speakers to present on all the latest in occupational psychology. The theme of the conference was 'Thriving at Work" and reflected the contribution that occupational psychologists can make in the workplace to support individuals and organisations to thrive.

As leading thinkers in psychometrics, this is a fantastic opportunity for our Psychology team to share their latest insights, research and expertise.

Citywork conference - Ireland

Aoife , Daire and Paul from the team in Ireland stepped away from their day jobs on Monday February 4th to take part in a positive corporate culture event.

“Citywork” is held in all major cities across Europe and our Irish team saw it as a good opportunity to get the Thomas brand in front of potential clients. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness for the use of Thomas tools in the ‘corporate wellness’ space.

Ian MacRae, Thomas advisor and co-creator of the HPTI, was a featured speaker and hosted a workshop on how to use the HPTI to develop healthy employees, teams and organisations. Ian talked about the role that leaders play in healthy organisations while breaking down the HPTI traits and explaining how these can affect an individual’s well-being. Ian encouraged attendees to consider individuals when outlining well-being as a business objective and link individual differences to HR policies/processes.

The presentation was well received and the team is determined to attend more of these events throughout the year. 

Thomas Education in the Netherlands

How have we grown in the education sector in the Netherlands? Simply by changing our approach and mindset! It has resulted in increased value for educational organisations.
Our top tips:

  • It is not just about what students want to study, it is about the full student journey
  • It is not just about increasing their self-awareness, it is about realising a total boost of self-confidence
  • It is not just about their first job, it is about a student's career starting when they choose which course to enroll in
  • Finally, it is not just about reaching YOUR sales goals, it is about having lots of patience and stamina

So if you really want to succeed and increase your revenue from educational organisations, you have to be passionate about making an impact on the lives of young people. Because we are all in this for the long haul!

Monique van Aalst – Thomas Education The Netherlands

WANTED: New talent to join Team Thomas

We are continuously hiring and have a range of vacancies available globally. Share these roles on social media and with your network to help us find new colleagues to join this amazing place to work!

MUST-HAVES: Enjoy and relax!

In the spotlight country:

Introducing the team...
  1. Merle Ballaigues, President,  1997 (ID)
  2. Scott Mackintosh, Director, Operations, 2004 (DC)
  3. Jean Mackintosh, Director of Business Development,  2003 (DI)
  4. Luke Ballaigues, Manager of Client Development, 2010 (DIC)
  5. Allayna Garcia, Marketing Specialist, 2017 (IC)
  6. Almendra Mesones, Client Support Specialist, 2019 (I)
  7. Amr Ghoneim Accounting and Documentation Assistant, 2018 (CS)
  8. Amy Fernandes, Senior Client Advisor, 2006 (CSI)
  9. Savia Souza-Marques, Senior Client Advisor, 2002 (ICS)
  10.  Jullian Clarke, Financial Advisor
  11.  Kris Leblanc, Bilingual Client Development Advisor, 2015 (ID)
  12. Ryan Lutzko, Client Development Advisor, 2017 (DI)
  13. Paula Delgado, Consultant, 2018
  14. Jodi Rickli, Directrice générale Province du Québec & Ville d'Ottawa, 2012 (DI)
  15. Coleen Langlois, Senior Consultant, 2004 (DI)
  16. Juliet Morganti, Senior Consultant, 1997 (DC)
  17. Lisa Klaehn, Senior Consultant, 2002 (ID)
  18. Monique Van Veen, Senior Consultant, 2006 (ID)
  19. Terry Weir, Senior Consultant,  2016 (DI)
  20. Camille Camacho, Consultant, 2018 (DI)
  21. Rahim Ewan, Consultant, 2017 (IDC)
  22. Sharon Jones, Senior Facilitator and Consultant, 2013
  23. Ray Getson, Senior Facilitator and Consultant, 2017
  24. Paula Delgado, Consultant, IC
What are the most important projects we are working on at the moment?
  • Achieving our 2019 sales target of 5.5 million dollars
  • Use of digital marketing to increase sales ready leads by 20%
  • Identify a target list of 10 to 15 organisations to target for case studies
  • Increase referrals through a formalised approach
  • Generating self-initiated referrals
  • Growth of HPTI – Preparing for our HPTI webinar for contacts and leads on February 21, 2019
  • Increase revenue from HPTI (training and assessments) by 263%
  • Boot camp sales training and testing
What are your biggest challenges?

One of our biggest challenges has been a lack of gathering client case studies with ROI. This initiative is a priority for our team in 2019.

The most import challenge is meeting and exceeding sales targets.

What is the favourite part of your job?

As a team, we love providing valuable solutions to our clients! Our team is focused on working with our clients to uncover their biggest people challenges to help them achieve an impressive return on investment in terms of using our assessment tools to save their organisation time and money.

Our entire North American team pride ourselves on providing a “WOW” service to any client whether it be external or internal. We love spoiling our external clients with such things as hosting quarterly complimentary webinars on our products, offering a book draw contest for 50 people to win a copy of Ian MacRae’s High Potential book, and hiring a stretch limo to take our clients from PPA Certification Training to lunch! Internally, we love celebrating special occasions as a team including staff birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. We also celebrate big sales deals by ringing our bell, doing our MONEY DANCE and enjoying the occasional bottle of champagne 😉

As a team, what is your proudest moment at Thomas?

In order to enhance our client’s experience with us, we send out a client survey at the end of each year to gather info on how we are doing. In 2018, we had an overwhelming response of 455 clients from 317 companies. Here are some of the comments made by our clients:

  • “Thanks so much! I love Thomas and couldn’t do my job as well without it”
  • “I sign up for all the webinars, I take almost all of the certification courses, I promote Thomas as a leading provider in the assessment industry when I am doing workshops”
  • “The Thomas tools help our organisation make smarter hiring decisions.”
  • “Love the product, love the team, want to work for Thomas in the future.”
  • “Everyone at Thomas provides stellar client service!”
  • “I am always singing the praises of the Thomas Team...professional...high caliber tools... responsive consultants and great relationships.”
  • “It's an absolute pleasure to work with everyone at Thomas, the launch of the HPTI is an exciting addition to the suite of Thomas assessment instruments and I look forward to future innovation.”
Where can you be found outside work?

Our team enjoys working hard and playing hard! During team outings, we can be found getting picked up on a party bus to enjoy an elegant dinner at the top of the CN Tower, wine tasting at local Niagara wineries, snow shoeing at a nearby ski resort or lying on the beach in sunny Jamaica!

2018 in numbers

Top Sales Consultants in 2018 (Total Business)

Luke Ballaigues ($667,630)
Lisa Klaehn ($662,546)
Jodi Rickli ($510,254)
Juliet Morganti ($507,653)

These four outstanding Senior Consultants are North America’s Pinnacle performers and will be attending a well-deserved Pinnacle sales trip in 2019!!

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Editor's comment

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the first global newsletter of the year!

It was great seeing so many of you at the Global Learning Event where we reflected back on 2018 and shared our vision for the years to come.

We are looking forward to see what we can achieve this quarter!

On a personal note, I am sadly leaving the company to pursue my career elsewhere. I'd like to thank all of you for making my time at Thomas so fun, wonderful and memorable!

Thank you