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A school is only as good as its teachers, so recruiting and developing high performing staff who are a good fit for your school is crucial in getting the best out of your students.

Recruiting high performing teachers

Employing the right people at your educational establishment is essential if you are to provide an education for your students that you're proud of and one that secures their future success.

When recruiting, firstly establish where the gaps are in your team and then identify the skills and behaviours required to deliver the goals of your school. You can do this by creating an ideal behavioural profile for your team and comparing it against your existing team profile. This will support you in objectively seeking the right skill set for your team and provide a benchmark against which to measure the applications you receive for the position.

Staff who 'fit' your school's culture as well as the position they were hired for, are more engaged and more likely to deliver.

Measuring the 'fit' of a candidate therefore determines if a new hire is likely to succeed in your school and boost overall performance. Profiling plays an important part here, as it adds another dimension to the recruitment process that an interview alone can't provide.

Assessments help to accurately predict whether a candidate is a good fit. These can include psychometric, emotional intelligence and aptitude tests or assessments, all of which prove a greater level of certainty to your decision making. They highlight a candidate's motivators and fears, their management and communication styles and how they might cope under pressure, as well as determining how strong a fit they are with your existing team. This is all valuable information when making important recruitment decisions.

By understanding how your candidates tend to behave and how quick they learn, you can be confident in selecting candidates that are right for the vacancies in your team; will ‘fit' the culture in your school and add a positive dimension to your existing team, helping them work seamlessly together to lead a high performing school.

Developing your stars

So you've recruited teachers who fit your school and have the skillset and potential to be exceptional. But what next? How do you support them to be the best they can be?

Profiling your teachers gives you and them a valuable insight into the way they behave. You'll be able to create a clear picture of their strengths and areas for development, how they like to communicate, what motivates them, how they behave under pressure and what their value is to your school. By understanding the behaviours of your teachers, you can pinpoint what is supporting their success – and what isn't. This information can be used to form and track development plans and performance appraisals to ensure that your stars are staying on the road to success.

Greater awareness of their behavioural preferences also helps teachers make choices about how to modify their behaviour to engage and communicate with students more effectively, boosting the success of your school and of their career.

Understanding behaviour is invaluable – but do your teachers understand how their behaviour is perceived by others?

360 degree feedback can help your teachers to identify their strengths and areas of development as seen by their colleagues and manager.

This opens up new conversations and gives them an insight into how their performance and behaviour is perceived by others. The feedback can be used as a starting point for setting development objectives that can be reviewed in 6 to 12 months against another 360. Our 360 tool provides an objective framework for identifying performance gaps, developing self-awareness and understanding how to improve personal effectiveness.