Nigel Stratford-Way

Ann CasserlyDerek Redmond

A former aircraft engineer and lecturer at Brunel University, Nigel moved from Ottimo Business Solutions in 2001 to join Thomas International’s IT technical support department.

During his career at Thomas, Nigel has worked closely with the CEO to redevelop the Thomas website and build a strong support and development team, both in the UK and Canada. As Chief Technical Officer, Nigel now heads up the full IT function with over 25 staff. The enhancements to the systems that Nigel manages support the Thomas growth strategy and enable our client base to expand drastically through Nigel’s determination to provide an optimum service in technology and innovation.

Nigel is self-motivated, energetic and has a need to achieve through clarity and challenge. Nigel thrives best in pressurised situations to generate action but loses drive when there is lack of direction or inconsistency.

Nigel resides in Buckinghamshire with his wife and daughter. In a previous life, he was a bodybuilder and participated in many prestigious competitions such as Mr Europe. Fitness is still important in Nigel’s life, alongside motorcycling and his passion for renovating his portfolio of properties.