Adding certainty to your people decisions with benchmarking

Recruiting in a digital ageWhat do millennials really want at work?

What is it that makes your star performers so effective in their roles? This is the million dollar question and knowing the answer enables you to find more top talent, either from your existing pool or through external recruitment. So how can you identify what characteristics make your talent successful?

Talent benchmarking is a data-driven approach to guide your people decisions. Using an evidence-based method, you are able to uncover the associations between psychometric assessments and specific outcomes such as job performance. Benchmarking helps you to identify what good looks like in your organisation – information that can support you in making decisions that increase quality of hire, reduce cost per hire, reduce employee turnover, and more.

Our benchmarking digital guide introduces you to the concept and the benefits of conducting such an exercise, takes you through the 5 stages of benchmarking with Thomas, and shares real life case studies so you can see how it works in practice.

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