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What makes you successful at work? What are your strengths? Limitations? Motivators? Try our behavioural assessment, PPA, and find out**.

PPA will give you an insight into your workstyle – what motivates you, your value to the business, and how you behave under pressure. It takes 8 minutes to complete and it’s one of the most accurate assessments around.

Simply complete your details in full below, take the assessment, and one of our consultants will be in touch to feedback your results. Please note this offer is open to UK based companies only.

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If you anticipate you may undertake a PPA assessment in the near future for recruitment purposes or otherwise, we advise you not to take a trial at this time: completing more than one PPA within a three month period may adversely affect the assessment results.

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**Offer open to UK based companies only. One free 'Candidate feedback' report per company.

"Thomas PPA is the most accurate psychometric tool I have ever used."

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"Thomas assessments ensure we achieve 100% success in our human resource strategy."

Gill Greenwood, Games Workshop
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