Andrew Bond

Dr. Adrian FurnhamDr. Antonio Pangallo

“I worked closely with Thomas International to complete my research on Emotional Intelligence in Military Leaders in 2015 and 2016. The Psychology team exceeded every expectation I had for quality of support through their timely communication, thorough problem solving and technical flexibility. Research participants in my study enjoyed a seamless user experience as they completed a customised survey which combined my unique items with Thomas International’s Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue). The Psychology team helped at every phase of the project and continues to provide support as my research expands to include behavioral aspects as measured in the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). I am as pleased as I am impressed.”

Andrew Bond, M.P.S. är tjänstgörande arméofficer som för närvarande genomför en Ph.D. i industriell/organisationspsykologi vid Auburn University i Auburn, Alabama. Hans militära uppdrag har inkluderat utlandskommendering i Irak (2004 och 2009) och Kuwait (2012) och senast tjänstgjorde han som befälhavare vid the Military Intelligence Company, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (2013-2014). Han kommer att baseras vid United States Military Academy (West Point) under sommaren 2016 för ett undervisningsuppdrag vid Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och ledarskap där han undervisar i Ledarskap och Psykologi.