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Collingwood Search & Selection Ltd świadczy usługi rekrutacyjne ukierunkowane na poszukiwanie specjalistów i kadry wyższego szczebla w Wielkiej Brytanii i Europie. W swoich międzynarodowych działaniach wykorzystują rozwiązania Thomas International.

Collingwood consultants have extensive experience of headhunting in a broad range of industries in the manufacturing and service sectors. Collingwood partners organisations ranging from SME's to global corporations to recruit across all business disciplines including sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, research and development, human resources and general management.

The challenge

Doug Mackay, MD explains, “Increasingly, we are being asked to recruit internationally for UK based clients with positions to fill overseas. Finding native speakers with the right qualities can be difficult and interviewing problematic.”

“One of our clients was investing heavily in their Spanish site with the aim of turning it into a world class manufacturing facility. They had created the role of Operations Director to manage site development, but were having difficulty recruiting someone who was aligned with the culture and work ethic of the UK parent.”

“Due to the difficulties of selecting and interviewing native Spanish speakers, they had previously used English contractors, but found they lacked influence over the Spanish workers. The culture amongst the workforce was very much 'mañana' and most did not speak English.”

“They wanted to recruit a native speaker who could hold sway with the 400 strong workforce, who understood the UK culture and who could affect a change in attitude from the top down.”

The solution

We identified the behavioural characteristics needed to succeed in the role and used Thomas PPA to identify candidates who were a good match.

Doug Mackey, Collingwood Search & Selection

“We were looking for someone who would drive the business forward, could make big decisions and wasn’t afraid to take risks. The PPA enabled us to assess candidates in their native language and reliably identify those with the right behavioural qualities. The assessment results can be produced in a range of languages, so we were able to supply our client with copies in English to assist the interview process.”

“PPA is a great way to get ‘under the skin’ and understand a candidate quickly. It provides objective evidence that supports recruitment decisions which ‘adds value’ to our service. PPA is easy to administer, candidates find it simple to complete, and reports are generated instantly so we can respond to client needs fast. The range of reports allows clients to choose the level and type of detail they require.”

“The recruitment drive for the role in Spain has been so successful that our client is using the same approach for a new position created in Germany as a result of the same investment plan. PPA is once again proving an invaluable part of the process.”

“During recession, people are more nervous about recruitment. It is more important than ever to recruit the right people first time round."

Clients want to minimise risk and they want value for money. Thomas PPA gives us, and our clients, confidence the right decisions are being made.

Doug Mackay, Collingwood Search & Selection

The results

“Collingwood has been using PPA for over five years to make more objective recruitment decisions and this has given us a really competitive edge. It differentiates us from competitors and helps us deliver a more efficient and effective recruitment service.”

Doug concluded, “We are delighted with the results Thomas has significantly contributed towards and recommend every company uses their set of tools in every recruitment process.”

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