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Globalna firma specjalizująca się w executive search, wykorzystująca rozwiązania Thomas International do obniżenia rotacji pracowników na stanowiskach. Proco Global dąży do uzyskania pozycji najważniejszego rekrutera dla firm zajmujących się łańcuchami dostaw na świecie.

Proco Global has been working with Thomas International for the last three years to recruit top quality internal candidates and, in turn, lower staff turnover. Proco Global is a truly global business with offices in Hong Kong, New York, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Brighton and London.

The challenge

Donna Carolan, Head of Talent Acquisition at Proco Global commented: “Our business is going through a process of continuous growth and for us to be able to continue this success, we need to ensure we are attracting the very best talent."  

"We were looking for a way to not only recruit candidates with the right experience but also identify those who were aligned with our vision and values. It was important for us to find a way of hiring the right people the first time so that we could concentrate on growth and reduce time and money spent on recruitment. Getting the hiring decision right the first time is crucial in an industry like recruitment that typically has quite high attrition rates.”

The solution

Proco Global uses Thomas’ TEIQue across the company to help inform the questioning second round of interviews.

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire gives analysis on how well candidates understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships within the workplace.

Donna commented: “We have used Thomas tools for the last three years now, with a particular focus on the TEIQue."

We have found the TEIQue really helps us to get under the skin of a candidate's personality and gives prospective managers an in-depth insight into how a candidate would fit in their team.

Donna Carolan, Proco Global

"As all of our managers have been through the TEIQue process themselves, they understand what type of person would fit into their team.  At Proco Global, we are passionate about cultivating a unique culture, and the results of the TEIQue allows us to question candidates during the competency interview around their compatibility to our culture, team and values, as well as identifying any strengths and areas for development. These points can then be discussed with candidates during the interview process, giving us an added insight to help us to make a better-informed decision about the candidate first time around and hire someone who fits in with our company culture.”

The results

Since Proco Global started using TEIQue tools in May 2013, staff attrition has reduced by 11%.

Donna explained that “TEIQUE has enabled us to tailor interviews to individual candidates and dig deeper into their motivation, something which has allowed us to get the hiring decision right, consequently reducing our recruitment costs.

We have established company values as part of a firm-wide project to identify what makes Proco Global's culture unique and are using the TEIQue facets as a tool to explore and analyse how these values show in our potential hires to ensure that we find the perfect match. TEIQue has helped us to identify and shape ‘what good looks like for Proco Global'".

“We are looking forward to working with Thomas International in the coming year to help attract the best possible candidates for our business. Part of the reason we continue to use Thomas International is that they have it right on the client management side and their customer service is second to none.”

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