Dr. K.V. Petrides

Ian MacRaeDr. Lara Zibarras

“My collaboration with Thomas International, in general, and its psychology department, more specifically, has been cordial, seamless and mutually beneficial. Together, we have successfully been able to bring to the global market the world’s number one psychometric instrument for the assessment of human emotions. My own research program has benefited no end from its expansion beyond narrow academic confines and the motivation to consider real human problems affecting individuals in their everyday lives. I look forward to continuing my fruitful partnership with everyone at Thomas and accelerating the translation of my research findings to practical ways that will help every willing person achieve their ultimate, unlimited, potential.” (Dr. K.V. Petrides)

K. V. Petrides har Bachelor in Business Administration med  summa cum laude honours' fra Pace University (NYC, USA),  Diplom i psykologi fra University of Nottingham, en MSc i Psychological Research Methods fra University of Exeter og en PhD (individual differences, psychometrics and behavioural statistics) fra University College London.

Etter å ha vært lærer og seniorlærer ved Institute of Education, University of London, ble han engasjert hos UCL som 'Reader in Psychology and Psychometrics' og direktør ved London Psychometric Laboratory. Her leder han programmet for  'trait emotional intelligence' og er leder i utviklingen av verktøyene tilhørende TEIQue. Han har publisert en mengde artikler og underviser i personlighet, psykometri og personlige forskjeller. 

For mer informasjon opphavet til TEIQue, se www.psychometriclab.com