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“The results from the Thomas Education assessments really helped the students gain a valuable insight into themselves.”


The aim of the project was to provide pupils with a deeper understanding of their own strengths and skills in relation to how they act in certain situations, in order to help them make a successful transition from school to a positive, appropriate and sustainable destination.


The Thomas PPA programme was planned and built into the Senior Phase Health and Wellbeing course within the school curriculum.

  • Lessons prior to the assessments focussed on the theory of the process; it was important that students understood that there are no right or wrong answers, but that the process would encourage them to look at how their behaviour fits in relation to particular career paths they are considering.
  • Feedback was delivered in group sessions whereby students were shown how to interpret their PPA reports, and to reflect on how this could influence their potential career choices. A good understanding of the report and the theory behind it was a crucial part of the process.
  • In addition to the career guidance conversations, the PPA reports also highlighted those students who were having potential frustrations or issues, which allowed guidance staff to intervene and apply appropriate support measures. It also provided a mechanism to ensure that any particular young person would make a positive transition from school.


"Here at Larbert High School we have worked to develop an integrated approach to health and wellbeing within our senior phase, in order to impact further on the number of our students leaving school and entering a positive and sustainable destination, whether that be in education, employment or training. As part of this programme, we want to ensure that our students develop their self-awareness, gain a greater understanding of their strengths, and build their confidence to ensure they perform to their full potential at school and beyond. The results from the Thomas Education assessments really helped the students gain a valuable insight into themselves, and overall it proved to be a very successful exercise." - Principle Teacher of Guidance, David Killin

"I found my one-to-one interview with a Thomas Education consultant very comprehensive." - Student A

I now feel I have a better understanding of how I can get my dream job. I know what further education and work experience steps I need to take in order to achieve my goals.

- Student A

"The profile was very useful and helped me to consider the career options that are open to me in the future, and also if my personality would suit those careers. It was an excellent exercise that described my personality well, and I would recommend it to others." - Student B

"I feel motivated to start researching into various industries which would be the best match for me." - Student B

"The feedback was very accurate, useful and described me down to a T." - Student C

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