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Your personality is the pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviours that you typically display. The best personality development tips encourage you to cultivate a sense of self. This is because self-awareness is the foundation for all personal development. Self-awareness provides a platform in which you can reflect on your behaviours, your beliefs and how you may come across to others.

Increasing self-awareness

The first step towards self-awareness is to realise that not everyone perceives the world in the same way. The DISC theory of behaviour, developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, proposed that people view their environment as either hostile or friendly and in response, behave in either an active or passive manner. This produces four behavioural styles:

  • Dominance - active behaviour towards a hostile environment
  • Influence -  active behaviour towards a friendly environment
  • Steadiness - passive behaviour towards a friendly environment
  • Compliance -  passive behaviour towards a hostile environment

Acknowledging your own approach to the world and appreciating that others may have a different viewpoint can help you to understand how others see you and how they may interpret your behaviour.

Learning more about yourself

So how do you go about developing your self-awareness? The Thomas Personal Profile is a great place to start. The detailed report provides insight into your strengths and potential limitations, preferred communication style, your motivations and how you behave under pressure, which is perfect for this step. Also, you can start paying attention to the things you do and notice how they are different from how other people react. Faced with a challenge at work, do you dive in with enthusiasm, or seek time to reflect on the problem? Do you love talking to people, or do you find it tiresome when people talk too much?

Develop your strengths

Personal development can sometimes focus heavily on ‘fixing’ your flaws or trying to make you better at things that don’t come naturally. Whilst there is certainly some value in recognising activities you are less adept at, it isn’t productive to focus your time on solely trying to improve upon things you do badly.

Focus on enhancing your strengths.  Whatever your natural style, your skills have positive value; learning how and when to use them will help you make the best of your natural aptitudes.

Having a thorough grasp of your own talents will make you more adapt at knowing when to dive into situations or projects and when to call on the expertise of others. This awareness also gives you the opportunity to make choices about whether to adjust your behaviour for certain people or situations. Whilst we all have personal preferences about how we approach the world, we also have the ability to ‘flex’ our behaviour if we want to. Self-awareness makes it possible for you to choose when and how often you do this, if at all.

Personality development tips should help you find your strengths and make the most of your natural abilities. Self-awareness enables you to value skills different to your own, whilst putting your own talent to best effect.

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