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Jumar Solutions Ltd are a fully integrated resource and IT development organisation. They use a range of Thomas assessments to ensure the quality of its employees and build high performing teams to raise organisational performance.

Jumar is unique in the way that it balances both sides of its business, in order to provide an outstanding service to the customer. Its expertise in both IT development and resourcing allows it to supply clients with the very best fit of either contract or permanent resources. Jumar takes its time to find the best candidate and verify the quality of the personnel it places. The depth of Jumar’s in-house expertise enables it to conduct technical interviews with a comprehensive understanding of specific and highly technical requirements. It doesn't ‘word-match' people to jobs, but works with its clients in a developmental way to ensure that they receive the best people at all times.

Having received ISO:9001 accreditation in December 2009 and membership of REC Technology, Jumar has obtained year on year growth and a deserved reputation built on quality. It also boasts a staff attrition rate of less than 9% over its trading history of more than 10 years.

The challenge

Jumar wanted to differentiate itself in the marketplace by not only offering a more tailored service, but also by ensuring the quality of its employees.

Wendy Merricks, Managing Director, comments, “Our primary objective is to ensure that the candidates we place are a good fit for our clients. We have established a sound track record and most of our business comes from existing clients or via recommendation. We always strive to go the extra mile and are constantly looking for new ways to raise our service offering.”

The solution

Jumar used Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Tests for Selection and Training (TST) to build sustainable, high performance internal teams, specific to the needs of its business. Four successful, but very different, behaviour based environments were created to focus on: new business, account management, project delivery and developing a high tech, agile working environment.

Jumar also use PPA and Job Profiling to ensure clients understand the behavioural requirements for a role, enabling Jumar to accurately match candidates in terms of skills, experience and preferred work style.

This ensures the candidates placed are the best possible match for a role. Job Profiling encourages key decision makers to be involved in deciding the behavioural characteristics required for success and helps ensure that the culture of the business is considered.

Wendy continues, “Pre-screening is required for some of our clients as part of our trademark Flexible Management Services (FMS). FMS was launched to save our clients time within the recruitment process. We can build teams of experts that meet project requirements and who can start work on client's premises within very short periods of time. There is no need for CVs or interviews – we do all of the hard work and expect our teams to be productive immediately, which saves our clients time, effort and is extremely cost effective.”

In this example, the PPA was used to assess a candidate's behavioural attributes. It can answer questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self-starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them? How will they fit into a team?

The PPA enables people to become more self-aware, which in turn gives them the means to consolidate their working strengths and compensates for their limitations. PPA is a series of twenty-four questions on a forced choice ‘first impression' basis, taking no longer than 8 minutes to complete. The answers are charted on a graph under the four headings of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (DISC).

The combination of PPA, TST and Situational Judgement Testing ensures that the candidates we put forward are appropriate for that role and have the mental agility to learn quickly where necessary.

Wendy Merricks, Jumar

"It clearly demonstrates our commitment to understanding, precisely our client's requirements, delivering outstanding candidates and ensuring those candidates are likely to be retained.” continues Wendy.

The results

“The future is about growing our business based on the strong values we have developed around providing the highest level of customer service. Our reputation is built on being a company that carefully listens, responds promptly and appropriately and offers true value for money to our clients. We have a plan in place for accelerated growth using ISO to continue to ensure a high quality service.”

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