Per Falck

Martin ReedMartin Reed

At the age of 16 Per began his entrepreneurial path and since then it has just continued.

 In 1983 forms four management consultants with a common vision and a lot of ideas, and with a confidence as the name suggests, the Scandinavian Leadership Group, SLG.

Actually it had started in Malmö already 20 years earlier with the Klubb Bongo who led and developed everything from world celebrities like Jimi Hendrix to talent shows. ADriving forces were among others Per Falck and Kerstin, girlfriend and future wife and business partner. Klubb Bongo was Malmö's hottest entertainment mecca in the 1960s, this was whereeverything that mattered in the Music industry happened.

1990 meet Per meets the ThomasSystem. It will be a crucial meeting. The ThomasSystem is the answer to get  an even clearer structure of the work, and better control to make the training companies to implements the desired results. Thomas is a tool that combines the personal characteristics of the organization's needs and requirements. 

2016 Per has the rights for Thomas system in 18 European countries. Per does not slower his pace, and continues to work to help companies toward success and find new markets that understand the benefit of Thomas system - the world's most widely deployed tools to recruit, retain, develop and lead people toward success.