Our range of people focused blended learning modules and programmes have been developed specifically with individuals in mind, to help you to maximise the performance of yourself and others.

Leadership Skills

Our Leadership Skills workshop will help new, experienced and aspiring managers to identify and analyse their leadership style and skills. Delegates will discover their preferred leadership style and learn when and how to adapt this depending on the person or situation. During the workshop, delegates will also review how their levels of emotional intelligence could influence their leadership style.

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Improving Personal Performance

Our Improving Personal Performance workshop focuses on how individual behaviour contributes to professional success. Using assessments, we increase delegate self-awareness by providing an insight into their behavioural style and its impact on personal effectiveness. Delegates are taught how to use this knowledge to get the best from themselves and create practical strategies to improve their performance.

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Intelligent Selling

Our Intelligent Selling workshop addresses the link between behaviour and sales. During the workshops, delegates will gain an understanding of their preferred selling style and address strengths and potential limitations. The workshop will also cover the psychology of buying and delegates will have the opportunity to create a personal action plan from their learning.

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Managing Emotions and Understanding EI

Our Managing Emotions and Understanding EI workshop evaluates how an understanding of what emotional intelligence (EI) is and the role it plays, in and out of the workplace, can affect performance. Delegates will discover how their own EI can drive behaviours, how to refine their emotion management processes and the tools they can use to change and modify behaviour.

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Mindfulness - Slow down to speed up

Our informal and enjoyable Mindfulness workshop will open the door to the greater powers within. Being more mindful can help you to manage your emotions more effectively and ultimately improve your ability to deal with stress and cope with change. During the workshop, you will develop an understanding of the connection between thought and emotion, the benefits of taking charge of your mind and the power of focus.

Other workshops we offer

Our Learning and Development Specialists can also offer support on the following topics:

  • How to give feedback
  • Bespoke reports
  • Product training refreshers

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