Private client feedback on the HPTI Assessment

SiemensBuckinghamshire Business First

When I received my personal report, I was very excited and knew that I would

be able to use this as part of our team development sessions.


Each of my team members completed the HPTI and we based our next 2 team development sessions on the reports.


Everyone was very eager to see and share their reports with the team.


Our first session was spent on going through the 6 different traits in general and the concept of setting SMART criteria for improvement and development.


In our second session, we plotted each team member’s results in a sheet to see

what we look like as a team, where we complement each other and where there might be gaps within the team.
This was important for our team as we (as a collective) are responsible for the

operations, discipline and wellbeing of a large call centre.


During this exercise we were able to reshuffle duties within the department to speak to everyone’s strengths and abilities/traits they already possess.
We are now seeing an increase in morale (within our own department) and

better operational results from the call centre.


The plan is to use our results as an opportunity for mentorship, sharing of

knowledge and gaining of experience.


Thank you for suggesting and nominating us to take part in the test.