TEIQue development report

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The next level in Emotional Intelligence

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) has been providing leading insights into a person’s Emotional Intelligence for over 20 years, helping thousands of organisations to make more accurate people decisions when recruiting and identifying where to maximise learning and development budgets.

Brand new TEIQue Developmental report

We’re pleased to share with you our brand new TEIQue report, designed to help you get more from your coaching and development programmes.

The TEIQue Developmental Report is the next level in terms of developing Emotional Intelligence (EI). It provides in-depth information around:

  • How EI may impact performance at work
  • Coping mechanisms for potential limitations
  • Considerations for development and training

How can the TEIQue Developmental report help you?

  1. Gain a deeper insight into how levels of factors such as self-esteem or stress management may impact on performance in the workplace​​
  2. Understand how others may perceive emotional intelligence levels in practice, for example high empathy or low emotion expression
  3. Access detailed considerations for development and training in response to report scores
  4. Set development plans around emotional intelligence to boost success at work

Click here to check out a sample TEIQue Developmental report to see an example of the valuable insights it gives users when using EI as part of coaching and development.


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