Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) tells you how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships.

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Emotional intelligence
Type: Normative psychometric assessment
Time: 20 minutes

The TEIQue gives your people the edge they need to perform in today's complex business environment. It equips you and your employees with the tools to understand their strengths and limitations, how they react to pressure, how well they can develop new relationships and how self-motivated and adaptable they are. This insight allows action plans to be put in place to develop your leaders.


Use TEIQue with your employees and candidates to: 

  • Understand their emotions and how they manage relationships
  • Recruit emotionally intelligent candidates
  • Foster engagement and loyalty
  • Employ effective communication
  • Fine tune their management skills

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) was developed, and is continually updated, by K. V. Petrides, PhD at his London Psychometric Laboratory, currently based at UCL.  It is one of the world's best-researched and most widely applied psychometric instruments.  For more information about the scientific pedigree of the TEIQue, go to www.psychometriclab.com.

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Test author: K.V. Petrides, PhD
Year of construction: 1998 - to date

Background and theory:

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue - pronounced TQ) was developed, and is continually updated, by K.V. Petrides, PhD at his London Psychometric Laboratory (www.psychometriclab.com), currently based at University College London (UCL).

The TEIQue is based on K. V. Petrides' trait emotional intelligence (trait EI) theory, which views the construct as a constellation of emotional self-perceptions located at the lower levels of personality hierarchies. Trait EI provides a complete operationalisation of the affective aspects of personality, meaning that it assesses the emotional world of the individual comprehensively.

Among other psychological characteristics, the TEIQue assesses our beliefs about our emotional abilities (e.g., how good we believe we are at identifying, understanding, and managing our own and other people's emotions). These beliefs are strong predictors of a remarkable range of behaviors and achievements, many of which are vital in the workplace (job performance, job satisfaction, job stress, leadership, organisational citizenship, organisational commitment, teamwork, etc.). 


The TEIQue is a self-report questionnaire. Individuals indicate their level of agreement on a 1-7 Likert scale (1 'disagree completely' to 7 'agree completely') with 153 unique items.

Reliability and validity:

The TEIQue is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) after it was audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing, part of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations.

For more information about the scientific pedigree of the TEIQue, including a number of scientific papers and a bibliography, go to www.psychometriclab.com.