Amir Qureshi

Merle BallaiguesMerle Ballaigues

With a strong track record of success spanning over twenty years, Amir brings a great combination of operational and commercial acumen to Thomas. As Chief Operating Officer at Thomas since 2014, Amir is passionate about working with business leaders, entrepreneurs and people managers, helping them to make the very best of their talent.

Amir is incredibly trusting and encourages honesty, confidence and empowerment in the people he works with; where he will reward those people who deliver with the best opportunities.   

He is a proactive, results-orientated individual who inspires others into decisions and action. He enjoys a work environment that allows freedom within the role and appreciates those with a strong work ethic. His value to the team comes from his experimentation and in thinking 'outside the box', but is demotivated by those who don't see tasks through to completion or follow up.

Amir has a deep knowledge of market drivers to align business models, products, pricing and brands with consumer demand. Prior to joining the team, Amir's career included progression to senior executive level with FMCG at The Coca-Cola Company.

With his wife and three children, Amir lives in Buckinghamshire. His foundations are in his family and he invests as much as time allows to support them in all their hobbies and interests, from professional hockey to ballet.