Ian MacRae

Ian FloranceDr. K.V. Petrides

"I have known about Thomas International and used their assessments in various capacities for many years, so it has been a pleasure to begin working with the psychology team in 2015. The psychology team are creative and energetic. They are clearly committed to bringing the best and most effective psychometric tools into the workplace. The team is extraordinarily professional whilst still being approachable and helpful. I am continually impressed by the team’s capacity to adapt quickly to any situation or opportunity. Working with Thomas International has been exciting and rewarding. I look forward to ongoing collaboration with Thomas International in the future.”

Ian MacRae is an Organisational Psychologist, researcher and writer. He completed a BA Psychology at the University of British Columbia and completed his MSc Research Methods in Psychology at University College London in 2012.

Ian has been an organisational psychology consultant for over a decade and he is the director and co-founder of High Potential Psychology Ltd. His first book High Potential: How to Spot Manage and Develop Talented People at Work (Bloomsbury) was published in 2014. Like John Ruskin, Ian believes work is not about what you get from it, but what you become from it.