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Tangerine is a direct bank that delivers simplified everyday banking to Canadians. With over 2 million clients and close to $38 billion in total assets, they are Canada’s leading direct bank. Tangerine offers banking that is flexible and accessible, products and services that are innovative, fair fees, and award-winning client service. With over 1,000 employees in Canada, their presence extends beyond their website and Mobile Banking app to Cafés, Pop-Up Locations, Kiosks and 24/7 Contact Centers.

The Opportunity

Based on prior experience with Thomas, Senior Human Resource Leaders at Tangerine initially engaged with Thomas to complement the introduction of an ‘Agile Methodology’ within the business. Specifically, the Thomas team supported Tangerine with training and development of their HR Business Partners to enable them to deliver internal workshops to improve the communication and collaboration of cross functional teams, using Thomas’ behavioral assessment, the Personal Profile Analysis.

Seeing further opportunity to leverage Thomas solutions and services, Tangerine’s Senior HR leaders engaged with Thomas to address and improve the caliber of candidates being recruited for their contact centers. The contact centers are a core element of Tangerine’s award-winning client service, as well as a critical source of people for their talent pipeline, with contact center agents moving into other departments and areas of the business. Specific opportunities within the contact center included but were not limited to i) improving the interview process, ii) improving performance and successful graduation from a 4-week training program, and iii) better understanding of the existing talent base of 400+ contact center agents.

The Solution

During the needs-analysis and review process, Thomas and Tangerine partners collaborated to develop a solution that was specific to Tangerine’s unique business environment. The overall solution included Thomas’ Benchmarking analysis, along with the use of three of Thomas’ proprietary online talent assessment tools, and finally a webinar training series to provide valuable feedback to agents on their assessment results.

Thomas’ Benchmarking analysis is a service that helps organizations understand the characteristics that make for success in their roles. Assessment results along with key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the role, are reviewed using statistical analysis methods. Detailed reporting on probability values that meet statistical significance, along with findings from regression analysis are presented back to the organization. Included with this are recommendations and strategies to apply the findings to talent acquisition and management processes, all supported by the scientific findings from the Benchmarking analysis.

Based on Tangerine’s agent job requirements and competencies, for the benchmark analysis the parties mutually agreed to utilize the following assessments from the Thomas library:

  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a workplace behavioral assessment.
  • General Intelligence Assessment (GIA), a workplace cognitive ability assessment.
  • Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue), a workplace emotional intelligence assessment.

KPIs for each agent, from the most recent twelve months were supplied to Thomas’ psychology team. KPI’s included metrics such as i) average handle time, ii) first call resolution, iii) quality scores, iv) sales per call, v) error rating, and vi) absenteeism and lateness. KPI’s and assessment results were analyzed by the Thomas psychology team and a detailed benchmark report of the findings and recommendations was presented to Tangerine. 

Business leaders were excited with the opportunity to collect valuable data on agents, and they had some concerns with the logistics of 400+ agents participating in the process, and receiving their results. These concerns were mitigated as a result of how the overall solution was structured and deployed. Agents were invited to complete each of the assessments in a phased approached over a four-month timeline. Participation rates were high as a result of the planning and execution from Tangerine’s HR team and the contact center leaders. Agents’ assessment results were returned to them in a phased approach. Each agent received a copy of their personal assessment results, with the opportunity to review a 60-minute webinar and complete a self-directed development plan, specific to each of the three assessment reports.          

The Results

The findings and recommendations from the Benchmark analysis have been leveraged by Tangerine in their recruiting, training, and onboarding processes. The Thomas assessments, specifically the GIA have been instrumental in re-designing the candidate selection workflow, allowing Tangerine to identify high caliber candidates earlier in the recruitment process. As a result, Tangerine has been able to improve their final interview to job offer ratio from 3:1, to 2:1, meaning that hiring managers now conduct 33% less interviews related to every agent they hire, saving managers time and saving the business money.

The relationship between assessment scores, training and onboarding outcomes has also been tracked and measured. The Tangerine team sees an evidenced-based relationship between assessment scores, specifically from the GIA assessment, and better performance from agents on knowledge tests that form part of the successful completion of the 4-week agent training program. Along with this, when agent trainees GIA scores are above average, the uptake of information is remarkable, even when trainees have no banking experience. This allows Tangerine to hire candidates with no banking experience, who can still perform well in training and onboarding, can learn quickly and apply new training on the job.

Along with these tangible results, the assessment tools have also been leveraged in management, coaching and feedback with agents. Based on challenging market conditions with sourcing candidates, Tangerine cannot always hire those candidates that match their benchmark ideally, however, assessment data can then be used to determine the best training and coaching opportunities for each employee’s specific gaps to the role.

Why Thomas

“There is a wealth of expertise and knowledge within the Thomas team, and they always look for new and innovative ways to support Tangerine. Everyone on the Thomas team interacts in a consistent manner with professionalism, expertise and a willingness to always try something new to benefit their clients.”

Anna Hrapkova, CHRL, Head of Human Resources and Change Management          

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