“Refresco is the world’s largest independent bottler for retailers and A-brands in Europe and North America. They combine production of retailer brands and contract manufacturing for branded beverage companies on an effective multiuser production platform that benefits from scale advantages and additional services. Refresco’s production platform covers 59 manufacturing sites in Europe, US, Canada and Mexico providing customers with close proximity and reliable service across geographies. Refresco’s global supply chain expertise and local innovation capabilities offer an almost unlimited variety of soft drinks, fruit juices and other beverages, manufactured to individual customer specifications and requirements.”

Refresco North America uses Thomas International’s products and services to help ensure they hire the right people that fit both their jobs and, their organization. They also use Thomas tools for employee, team, and leadership development. Refresco uses the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), General Intelligence Assessment (GIA), and customized 360 Feedback, to help achieve their recruitment and development goals.

Refresco uses Thomas’ PPA+ assessment extensively for pre-hire as well as for individual and team development. Refresco is able to focus on individuals’ work behavior with the use of the PPA. “The PPA reports are powerful, concise, to the point, and useful” said Andy Stafford, Senior HR Manager. “In addition, the PPA system provides a menu of value-added reports to guide self-awareness and development.” In using the “How to Manage” report, individuals are able to build better relationships with their leader.

Thomas’ 360 assessment offers the ability to customize competencies to fit the role of the person and Refresco’s culture, or they use the standard leadership competency model provided by Thomas. Andy says “This tool is easy to administer, and the value of this product compared to sending a person to an outside third party is tremendous.”
Once a 360 feedback is completed, Refresco follows-up with an in-house training debrief that combines the 360 feedback with the PPA. As this is a powerful development process that includes personality style and leadership strengths leaders are provided with an “Aha” moment which takes them to the next level of leadership.

“The PPA reports are powerful, concise, to the point, and useful” said Andy Stafford, Senior HR Manager.

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