Magneti Marelli

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Magneti Marelli is an international company founded and based in Italy since 1919. It is committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector.

With a turnover of €7.9 billion in 2016, 43,000 employees, 86 production units and 14 R&D centres, the Group has a presence in 19 countries and supplies all the leading car manufacturers in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

The challenge

Magneti Marelli has vast international presence and a diverse structure. With seven product lines, each with their own set-up and people processes, the challenge was to bring a unified factory model into the company using Thomas tools. It all started in Brazil where, due to high attrition rates, Magneti Marelli needed to hire more than 2,800 new employees over 18 months. As a result, they needed to implement a robust, agile and standardized recruitment process.

The solution

The solution was a combined project called M3 (Manufacturing Master Model), which aimed to standardize the Manufacturing, Quality & PMO teams with a new organizational model as to improve the quality and productivity of all Magneti Marelli employees globally.

Alongside Thomas, a persona model was created to evaluate people from the perspective of technical skills and workplace behaviors. Using Thomas’ Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a workplace behavior assessment, a job profile was created for each of the available roles to indicate which candidates were more suitable for a certain role during the selection process and to help set up training programmes for internal resources. The PPA gives reliable and accurate insight into how people behave at work, and sheds light on preferred styles of communication, reactions under pressure, motivations and strengths and limitations.

Thomas has heavily contributed to the standardization of our people process in the manufacturing plants. – Claudio D’Aloisio, Head of HR of Manufacturing, Quality & PMO

Using the PPA was a hugely important part of the M3 project and Magneti Marelli trained approximately 200 people (2% of all personnel) in using the PPA on a technical level. This allowed everyone from HR to line managers and plant managers to use a consistent language when making recruitment and development decisions. This scheme was applied in 17 countries and 65 plants and coordinated with the various global Thomas offices that support the plants from the country in which they are present.

Claudio D’Aloisio comments,

“Only 18 months ago, the PPA was a tool known to very few people at Magneti Marelli but we now have a culture of using PPA language across the business. We have lots of plant managers, HR managers, line managers who, when they want to understand what a person is like, call us and ask us what this person’s PPA profile is. And for us, this gives us all a common language to speak and is a dream come true.”

“Today we can talk about any role, in any Magneti Marelli factory and everyone already knows what we are talking about. Furthermore, Magneti Marelli personnel have been trained in the use of tools and use them with confidence, appreciating their usefulness.”

The results

Magneti Marelli’s people responded positively to the introduction of the new processes, both internally and externally. There was a warm welcome to this positive change and the PPA is now a recognized tool within the company.

Claudio D’Aloisio continues,

“We have had such great success using the PPA because it is a tool that connects one person with another. When I speak with those I’m developing, I can speak to them using an objective language which they recognise themselves in and this lowers all barriers. The next step for Magneti Marelli will be to begin exploring the wider Thomas offering which includes tools that look at team dynamics and emotional intelligence to further increase the level of self-awareness and understanding of others within the business.”

The results of the partnership with Thomas are exceptional for me. We have grown together by integrating our assets and the partnership is increasingly effective and efficient. We have carried out more than 8,000 assessments on external and internal candidates with extraordinary results. Thomas has become an integral part of Magneti Marelli’s new processes and structure. – Andrea Franco - Head of HR of Manufacturing, Quality and PMO

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