Here's what some of our clients had to say...

Jumar Solutions

Jumar Solutions Ltd are a fully integrated resource and IT development organisation. They use a range of Thomas assessments to ensure the quality of its employees and build high performing teams to raise organisational performance.


“Our customized Sales Benchmark Profile is aligned with our sales strategy and culture and positively impacts our recruiting and selection process. Our Sales Managers make better hiring decisions and have the ability to utilize the information for on boarding, performance management and retention which positively impacts our sales results.”


“IKEA A/S primarily uses the Thomas System in developing their employees. Employee turnover has decreased from 46% to 27% and absenteeism has decreased from 10.6% to 5.8%, all in just one year.” - HR Manager-IKEA A/S Contact Center

Bolton Hospitals NHS

“PPA has also been used to reduce absence rates in a department where the absence rate was particularly high. Staff are happier, managers are listening to them, and the feedback we receive is that they feel empowered.”

Trylon TSF

"By using both TST/GIA & PPA there is a clearer understanding of fit so it helps greatly in the job interview preparation process. A quantified measure on return was seen in the reduction of turnover by 21%...the direct operating cost of turnover has been reduced by over half a million." - Manager HR, Trylon TSF

CNW Groups

“Once we had the right people placed in the right positions, managers were better equipped to motivate and coach their employees. Costs were lowered and consistency achieved as we gained better retention and increased productivity.” - HR Manager, CNW Group

Cushman & Wakefield

“We wanted to help our sales professionals enhance their selling techniques. The sales professionals have positively responded to the Thomas PPA workshops. The comparison between our client satisfaction surveys and what our sales professionals learn about themselves is real, live validation. Many a time they say “This is just what my clients have told me.” Thomas empowers us to develop our employees ourselves." Director, Human Resources, Cushman & Wakefield