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Thomas assessments can be integrated into your HR platform, giving you valuable people information and allowing you to pinpoint strengths and limitations, understand learning styles and identify employees with the potential for development and the ability to learn quickly.

Human resource management systems make managing a large or growing workforce more efficient. These systems allow you to streamline and in many cases automate, the traditional HR functions of benefits administration, personnel tracking and payroll.

What are the advantages of integrating an assessment provider with your HRMS?

  • Less HR resource required – reduces manual work for HR professionals 
  • Centralised people data – align your technology systems and platforms to have all applicant data on one system 
  • Automated assessment management – align assessments with your people review process

Why choose Thomas?

  • Seamless integration on a cutting edge technical platform – the candidate won’t have to leave one platform to access the assessments 
  • PPA and Job profiling available, enabling you to generate a star rating for each candidate and filter based on assessment results 
  • Optional inclusion of our GIA and TEIQue assessments as part of the solution 
  • 56 language options available – 10 million words of report text are available through integration 
  • 35 years experience in the industry with high-profile ATS providers already integrated, providing high quality solutions for clients 
  • Ongoing support available for agreed timescales within office hours, with a global network of Thomas support available if required