Technology Partners

For a truly seamless assessment experience, Thomas can integrate our assessment and solutions with your chosen applicant tracking, talent management, Human Resource and Learning management systems.

Learning management system partners

Learning management systems are used by organisations looking to manage and deliver online training. Thomas assessments can be used as part of these to help inform an individual's preferred delivery style, optimising their ability to pick up new learning.

Talent management system partners

Integrating the Thomas assessments into your Talent management system allows you to make better people development and succession decisions and nurture and develop future high-achievers. 

Applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking software helps to ensure you hire the right people by managing job postings and tracking resumes and applications. By integrating the Thomas assessments into an applicant tracking system, you are providing the end user with a powerful screening tool.

Human Resource Management System Partners

Thomas assessments can be integrated into your HR platform, giving you valuable people insights, allowing you to pinpoint strengths, understand learning styles and identify employees with potential.