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Teams are critical to driving effective performance in any business, but the majority of teams are significantly underperforming on what’s possible and the cost to the organisation is huge. Thomas Teams helps you ensure your teams perform to their maximum ability and are motivated and loyal. 

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Behavior
Type: Ipsative psychometric assessment
Time: 30 minutes

To take your business to the next level, you need strong teams who work in alignment towards common goals. Thomas Teams helps you to inspire your team to achieve more, pinpoint training needs and identify skills gaps that can be filled through recruitment.


Use Teams to:

  • Understand how to play to the team’s strengths
  • Identify limitations and recruit accordingly
  • Create development plans
  • Recruit candidates who fit the behavioral profile of the team
  • Understand how to effectively lead the team
  • Reduce employee turnover

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Thomas Teams is based on the PPA, analysing the profiles of a team of people and providing a comprehensive summary of the team's strengths and limitations. For more information about the science behind the PPA, please click here.