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eRecruit is a best practice online system with built-in recruitment assessments that enable you to rapidly identify and efficiently process the highest quality candidates.

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The online recruitment hub

With eRecruit you can create and release job adverts, provide your applicants with an easy-to-use online application process within your own branded career portal, sift applications, track applicants, review candidates and make hiring decisions.

But the true value of eRecruit lies in its integrated assessments. With eRecruit, you can quickly and easily create behavioral job profiles, define killer questions, scenarios and skills lists, and compare your candidates' behaviors, abilities and competencies against what the job requires. It provides a one to five star rating, which benchmarks your candidates and shows you which best fit your role. All of which will speed up your recruitment process and significantly improve the quality of candidate you interview and hire.


eRecruit will help you to:

  • Reduce hidden costs 
  • Easily and cost effectively get into online recruitment
  • Identify quality candidates faster
  • Identify the right person for the job
  • Decrease expense and risk
  • Provide a high quality candidate experience
  • Speed up the recruitment process by 50%

If you're interested in exploring the eRecruit tool with Thomas further, get in touch using the following form.

The Thomas eRecruit will provide you with a centralised applicant tracking system that dynamically presents candidate assessment profiles alongside their standard application details.

If you're interested in learning more about the assessments that are integrated with the eRecruit system, please see 'the science' tab behind the assessments PPA, TEIQue, and GIA