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Each Thomas assessment comes with a report or set of
reports which is easy to read, interpret
and understand.

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Thomas Job

Thomas Job enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of the job. Used in conjunction with PPA, Thomas Job enables you to match the ideal behaviours for the job with the behavioural profile of your candidates and employees, using a ‘star rating’ scale.

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Job Profile
Job/Candidate Comparison
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Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)   

Emotional intelligence is the key to good leadership. Emotionally intelligent people excel at developing relationships, communicating and relating to people. The TEIQue report will give you an overall score for emotional intelligence, which is then broken down by adaptability, self-motivation, well-being, self-control, emotion expression and sociability.

Thomas 360
Thomas 360 is an easily accessible, web-based tool that gives objective and honest feedback from a range of people within the organisation such as peers, line managers or even team members and outside such as clients or suppliers. The 360 report presents a complete and informed picture of a person, enabling you to give honest and objective feedback.

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General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)

Thomas' aptitude assessment, GIA/TST, measures mental horsepower – how quickly a person can learn and retain new skills and procedures. The GIA or TST report provides an accurate and reliable predictor of a person’s potential, their capacity to handle change, and their ability to take on greater mental challenges in their role.

Thomas Teams

The Teams report shows in clear graphical format the behavioural preferences of each individual within the team, the role each person plays and what they bring to the team. It enables people to understand what makes their colleagues ‘tick’.  It builds mutual understanding, co-operation and open communication. It also highlights power struggles and areas of conflict.

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