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India is one of the rapidly growing stock markets in the world, with a huge opportunity in the form of under ownership of equities and other financial assets and limited retail participation. Motilal Oswal,founded by two enterprising professionals stands as a rapidly growing stockbroking firm. They use Thomas systems extensively to build their organisational capability.

Thomas Assessments have assisted our Recruitment Process for our Top Level Management Executives who took the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis exercise. The scientific roots, notably the DISC Theory by Dr. Marston, on which this tool is based, has allowed our recruitment experts to validate their opinions on each candidate who applied for various positions across Business Verticals that we are present in. Thomas PPA was exclusively used as a guiding and validating tool to make our HR team’s decisions easier, sharper and more accurate.

We were amazed to see the extent to which the assessment reports actually matched with the personality of the individual whom we had taken on-board a long time ago. We would like to deepen our relationship with Thomas Assessments in the years to come and have started to use Thomas 360 Bespoke for further development of our employees.

Sudhir Dhar
Head HR
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. 

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