DCB Bank Limited

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DCB Bank is a 86 years old scheduled commercial bank that focuses on the commercial needs of individuals, small and medium sized enterprises in India, with presence across 18 states in India. With a strong technology backbone driven operations, it caters to customers across India through a network of 205 branches.

Thomas Assessments India has been assisting Development Credit Bank in its endeavour to deepen each Top Executive’s self awareness with a final objective of strengthening relationships and team work among the leadership. The first person to take the PPA exercise was the Chief Executive Officer, followed by the Top Management and the Branch Managers who have major responsibilities within their respective entities. After having the whole Top Management undergo the exercise, the Human Resource Department organized ‘One-to-One’ meeting with each Leader in order to debrief the reports and to discuss in depth the strengths, areas of development, potential stress, and Job/Boss issues faced in their workplace.
Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) therefore enabled each Top Executive to better understand their behaviours and significantly increased their self awareness. A two hours ‘DISC orientation workshop’ was also led by the HR team to allow the Leadership to appreciate and deeply understand the DISC theory by Dr. Marston. This further helped them in better understanding their immediate reportees’ behaviours as well. 
As an extension of the initial objective of developing the Top Management’s self awareness, the PPA additionally enabled the Human Resource Department to highlight training needs for each individual and to design customized training programs.
Hamsaz Vasunia
Head HR & Training
DCB Bank Ltd.