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The Star Sydney is a world-class casino and a one-of-a-kind entertainment destination in Sydney, using Thomas assessments to enhance their learning and development platform to leverage leadership potential and increase overall performance within the organisation.

The challenge

The Star Sydney recognised that they weren’t offering their employees any internal learning or development. The Star Sydney understood that there was a need to improve their internal offering in order to encourage diversity and transform the performance of their employees, as well as leverage their leadership potential, which in turn would drive the growth of the business.

The solution

Louise Warwick, Learning & Organisational Development Manager, first joined The Star Sydney four years ago to work on learning and organisational development, where she identified there was an opportunity to introduce strategies for personal and organisational growth. Louise decided to implement Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) based on her previous knowledge and experience of the Thomas products. Louise felt the PPA would assist with increasing the self-awareness of individuals and teams to help further their development and performance within the business.

We chose Thomas because we liked the variation of tools that were offered to us in one place. Not having to go to separate providers for different tools makes all the difference.

The Star Sydney began with Thomas International’s PPA, before introducing other Thomas Tools such as the TEIQue, to uncover the levels of emotional intelligence in the business; Teams, to identify strengths, limitations and gaps within different teams and 360, a framework for collecting objective feedback on an individual’s performance. The combination of tools helped create awareness and identified any hard or soft skill gaps in the business.

The Star Sydney utilises the PPA in a variety of ways, based upon a 'per role' basis. For senior roles, the PPA can be used as part of the selection process; for other roles, the successful applicant would receive PPA feedback immediately after joining, to ensure they are thinking about their self-awareness from an early stage, particularly if they are moving into a leadership role.

The PPA was a great way of introducing people to the concept of a self-assessment and self-awareness. The assessment gives people context; it can be used for recruitment or development as it’s such a versatile tool.

Being a compliance and people focused organisation, The Star Sydney introduced Thomas’ Team Audit process, a team building assessment which identifies the strengths and gaps in a team. This was implemented as a holistic team development tool and is tailored specifically to each team by using each employee’s individual PPA profile to provide a compatibility report. As part of the report, employees gain an understanding of which behavioural profiles complement each other, which profiles may require behavioural modification and how to manage potential challenges in order for teams to perform to their maximum ability.

Team Audit works so well as people really have to think about the way others process their work, the environment and how they actually relate to other people. The Team Audit assessment was brilliant in the way it’s based on each individuals PPA.

Over the last 12 months The Star Sydney has completed several 360 assessments internally, focusing on providing feedback to senior leaders to aid development. As a result of this, employees have independently requested to utilise the 360 for personal development.

The results

Since introducing Thomas tools into the business, The Star Sydney has noticed increased engagement throughout the organisation, as well as with leadership development. The learning and development offerings in the organisation have increased dramatically and subsequently they have received very positive feedback from employees.

Leaders within the organisation have noticed an increase in self-awareness amongst employees based on the behaviour observed in team and guest interactions; they attribute this to the development their employees now have readily available. Employees are now actively seeking out these tools to aid their own personal development, having seen the results of Thomas tools on the performance of other teams.

The business was asking for tools to enhance team performance. We are now able to offer this and watch our team members and leaders grow and progress. Through the use of Thomas assessments, we are now able to support employee growth by offering development to anyone within the business.

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